Anti-poaching communications campaigns had been launched across Tanzania to broaden public awareness and raise political will to confront the plight that was faced by Tanzania’s wildlife of widespread illegal ivory trade.


ABC Bros in partnership with Nuru Agency was engaged to carry out a country wide survey to assess the effectiveness of the anti-poaching and anti–wildlife trafficking campaigns that had been running in the country for the past several years i.e., 2012 to 2016. The task involved gathering in-depth qualitative data through interviews, literature reviews, and focus groups discussions, as well as quantitative data gathered through a closed-question national survey. The outcome of the survey was a summary of issues of wildlife poaching, valuable lessons and knowledge, and recommendations for improving future campaign strategies and designs in reducing wildlife trafficking and poaching within Tanzania.


The task was commissioned by Project Protect under USAID and was performed within a period of 2 months in Arusha, Iringa and Dar es salaam where 6 focus group discussions where held and other forms of research was done.