ABC Bros was hired by UNICEF to create an informative and engaging video documentary that highlights the lessons learned from the implementation of e-PRS (electronic planning and reporting system) during phases I and II. The video was intended to be a tool for advocacy and sensitization at various levels, including village, ward, district, region, and national levels. The project focused on the implementation of e-PRS in the Coast Region (Bagamoyo and Chalinze District Councils) and Songwe region (Mbozi, Momba, Tunduma, Ileje, and Songwe District Councils).


The documentary targeted different groups of people, including system developers (such as NBS and EASTC), users of the system (such as PO-RALG, RASs, RCs, DCs, Permanent secretaries, community, LGAs), and other stakeholders (such as RITA, NIDA, NEC, TCRA, and various development partners like World Bank, UNICEF, and UNFPA).


The final product was a high-quality video (with sub-titles in English) that effectively communicated the key messages and lessons learned from the implementation of e-PRS, providing valuable insights for the target audience.