SNV has drawn their attention to women and the youth who live in rural households in the Northeast part of Tanzania by implementing their initiative, which is named “Income and Employment for Women and Youth (IEWY), “within their dairy sub-sector. They aimed to uplift the income and employment of women and youth in this area through formalization and commercialization. ABC Bros, as a consulting agency, stepped in to create a communication campaign action plan that focused on expanding the awareness of drinking safe and hygienic milk. This also pushed dairy farmers to become more responsive in improving the farm-level dairy activities that would eventually increase the mass production of milk.

ABC Bros successfully created a communication strategy that Kilimanjaro Dairy Cooperative Joint Enterprise (KDCJE) used to fulfil the goals SNV had set in stone. The agency also trained some groups of individuals from KDCJE on how to fully execute this communication strategy in Kilimanjaro. ABC Bros had also further contributed to the campaign’s success by designing and producing; radio jingles, radio spots, different episodes of Radio Magazine and many other mediums of communication.